Summer is a great time to get off social media where jealousy and contempt live


The once in a generational heatwave is a great opportunity for people to get off their phones, spend time outside and not feel anxious, depressed or jealous for a couple of days.

What a relief. When it’s overcast they can return to silly season social media, where someone from a reality TV show posts a photo of themselves in a neon peach bikini, wearing a mask of makeup and two hot dogs for lips going ‘I bought my lashes for a tenner on some website. You too can have them xxx love you all, enjoy the sunshine. Kiss kiss, nom, nom..” or something equally platitudinous.

Maybe they’re wearing activewear, giving a description of how they went for a walk or a run too. Who cares? Who are these people? Also why is everyone wearing activewear? If you move the camera behind the face, there’s just a hollow space where a brain should be.

This week, I read an article about a ‘social media influencer’ who was too heavily photoshopped for her followers liking, and thereby ‘mislead’ them. The outrage. I had never heard of Rosie Connolly before, but no doubt she’ll be delighted with all the fuss.

After all, any attention is good when it comes to social media. A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority Ireland (ASAI) about a “filtered and photoshopped image” of the blogger was upheld.

The fact that people went to the effort of making a complaint to the advertising watchdog about this image, means they clearly have nothing better to do with themselves. Make up bloggers are all photoshopped to the gills and you buy into it no? Everyone uses filters. This picture was like a cartoon, but why don’t you live your lives instead of caring?

Oddly enough, this commitment to complaining is not in line with the platform young women give  ‘influencers.’ On Instagram, they have an estimated market size of nearly €1.5 billion.

It’s such a dichotomy.  Relatability, ‘expertise’ and ‘attractiveness’ are what attracts followers to social media influencers, who make a mint out of their followers, and yet women are upset when other women get the upper hand by being better looking. Odd.

This week, young ‘woke’ fiery, feminist social media users were offended that not enough ugly women were photographed in the stands of the World Cup.  Getty images posted a gallery of images titled “World Cup 2018: The Sexiest Fans...Talk about a knockout round…” lol.

An inevitable backlash followed along with a predictable apology: “We regret the error and have removed the piece. There are many interesting stories to tell about the World Cup and we acknowledge this was not one of them,” they explained.

There were many articles about it. I couldn’t help but think- a bunch of good looking men are running around a pitch, athletic and lean, would you not watch them instead of getting upset about a couple of hot birds? If you focus on who is in the stand, why are you even watching the game? You clearly don’t love it.

Here’s the thing- deal with it. Some women are better looking than you and women need to stop being jealous of them for their own sakes. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there are less really, really hot blokes in the world and if there were, people would be seeking them out. Middle aged men with sunburns aren’t in as much demand.

I’ve watched every World Cup match for over 30 years and I’ve never even noticed who is in the stands them to be honest. I was filmed several times at matches, most famously whilst welcoming home the German team after winning Euro 96, before young feminists were born, singing ‘We are the Champions’ balling my eyes out when I was supposed to be sitting part of my finals.  It was worth the getting in trouble. The craic. And none of us had a phone. Imagine.

Good looking people are always in demand, by women more so than men. I also work as a photographer and when I take sociel shots, I seek out young good looking women, because the young women who buy magazines want to see them, not men. Men don’t care about the back pages. Men don’t follow social media influencers either.

It’s nice women’s beauty is celebrated and narcissistic for other women to think everyone needs to live their life according to their insecurities.

Watch the World Cup and accept it’s not about you or alternatively, go for a walk instead. The only thing you’ll miss at this time of year is someone with bunny rabbit filters and stupid dog noses, with their hands as paws acting like kittens. No wonder children as young as four are depressed and suicidal, according to a survey by school principals, funded by St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

The next few days will be warm beyond our wildest dreams, and there’s nothing better than being outside, eating outdoors, listening to music, playing with the kids or walking amongst nature. It’s what life is about.

Social media indulges in the worst of humanity -self gratification, malcontentment, begrudgery, hate, comparison with others and abject selfishness.

It’s quite grotesque. Don’t give it any more power. So just turn it off. Live your life.