11 things that SUCK about now


NOW sucks. By now I mean pretty much the noughties..and the 2010s.. do they even have a name?

I’ve been looking through old photographs of New York, San Francisco and London and remising how amazing and accessible these cities were to previous generations.  Artists could live there, so could students, pimps, hookers, musicians, geeks, you name it. Everyone was there. Now they’re replaced with type A personalities- who are no craic. Its like the master race and anyone who doesn’t fit the mould is treated as an Untermensch, not worthy of living in their city. This pisses me off. So do lots of other things about now. Here they are:

  1. Having a personality is passe. Mad bastards/ nutters/actual free spirited people- not the new millennial ones have died out. People grow up without creating a personality because they’re online all the time and society doesn’t deem it important anymore. If you meet someone interesting under the age of 35, feel free to introduce them to me. I’d like to frame them.
  2. Cities have lost their souls. The interesting people have been pushed out. Can someone tell me where they are now. I’d like to meet them again.
  3. Millennials- never has a generation of people been more narcissistic, indulged, smug, entitled, void of any kind of personality as this lot. Zzzzzzzzz. Also THE NAME>>shudder. I hate it..When can we stop hearing it???
  4. The internet- sure its great. It has lots of great things, but its taken the special out of everything.
  5. Gluten intolerance, kale crisps, almond milk, chia seeds
  6. Health and fitness- fuck off. I don’t want to see a photo of you in the gym you bore.
  7. There’s no musical movement – from the swinging 60s though to the raving 90s with disco and mod in between- now there is NOTHING. NO musical movement, just rehashing the old stuff. Oh yeah and movies suck too. Shove your big budgets and make something decent, which brings me back to point 2.
  8. Inequality- the rich are richer etc. That old chestnut. I’m not a communist, but most of us would like to be in with a chance of living somewhere near where we were born. Plus we don’t want to be in poverty and homeless when we’re working and have jobs..
  9. Neo liberals, armchair warriors
  10. PCness. Herd mentality. Women’s marches in the west.
  11. Hipster beards
Someone will copy this article. This also sucks. Grow your own imagination.
Bring me back to circa 1991. Or maybe 1969..or the 1980s. This is photo is from the Bronx. I would like to be there during this time.